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...and a warm welcome to my website.

I am Andulairah, daughter of the Old Worlds, and a gardener of Planet Earth. A gardener in all sense of the word...I am here sowing seeds into the Earth, both metaphorically & literally. 

I am a woman that believes in a slowpassionately lived life, to live the most authentic life one is able. One of greatest pleasures of mine is to share knowledge and passion with the Planet Earth & the beings upon it.

I do much with my time, and love nothing more than to be within passionate endeavors, whatever that may be. I live in isolated, ancient regions of Australia, near Grid Point 44, where the night skies are dark and breathtaking (bortle 1-2), and very much enjoy a simple existence, creating symbiosis with Mother Earth, which usually means spending my hours out in the garden.

Please enjoy browsing the pages of this cosmic cyber realm as much as you desire!

For enquires, please send me a private message.  Thank you for visiting. May you always be blessed by the supreme Truth and Love of the Cosmos

Blessings & Radiance,



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